You Betcha

I have to say, the view is much better from inside the bus, than under it!” Sarah Palin, gridiron Club dinner, deCember 5, 2009, waShington, d.C. Masked avengers: This is Nicolas Sarkozy [the president of France]. 5 You Betcha! ...

You Betcha

You Betcha

Alaskan governor Sarah Palin launched onto the national political scene in 2008 when she was unexpectedly chosen as John McCain's running mate. Soon after, her oratory foibles, shaky stance on political policy, and ignorance of national/world affairs became priceless fodder for journalists and comedians. Now New York Times best-selling human stupidity historian Leland Gregory sets his sights on everyone's favorite rogue hockey-mom in You Betcha! The Witless Wisdom of Sarah Palin. Whether she's bagging on the President at a Tea Party, waging war on Family Guy, or slandering Bristol's ex-beau, one thing's for certain--Sarah Palin loves to be heard. Gregory has hunted down Palin's most cringe-worthy comments, including excerpts from the infamous Katie Couric interview, her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, and sketchy explanations for her resignation as governor. Death panels, helicopter moose hunting, and all of her magic maverick moments are included in this anthology of photos, quotes, and anecdotal material that is sure to keep readers laughing so hard they'll want to cry.

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