Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications

Bossert , W. ( 1990 ) ' Disagreement Point Monotonicity , Transfer Responsiveness , and the Egalitarian Bargaining Solution ' , mimeo . Bossert , W. ( 1992a ) ' Monotonic Solutions for Bargaining Problems with Claims ' , Economics ...

Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications

Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications

This is the second of three volumes surveying the state of the art in Game Theory and its applications to many and varied fields, in particular to economics. The chapters in the present volume are contributed by outstanding authorities, and provide comprehensive coverage and precise statements of the main results in each area. The applications include empirical evidence. The following topics are covered: communication and correlated equilibria, coalitional games and coalition structures, utility and subjective probability, common knowledge, bargaining, zero-sum games, differential games, and applications of game theory to signalling, moral hazard, search, evolutionary biology, international relations, voting procedures, social choice, public economics, politics, and cost allocation. This handbook will be of interest to scholars in economics, political science, psychology, mathematics and biology. For more information on the Handbooks in Economics series, please see our home page on http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/hes

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