Fundamentals of Math Part 2 Algebra 1

Lesson 43 Lesson 46 Lesson 47 1. x=1±-y/21 4. x = -6±V38 7.x = -4 1^26 10. a = -37, 31 2. z = 3±4^ 5. t = 2±>/7 8. c = -22, 6 11.x = -30, 2 3. a = -\±^- 6. d = -7±2VTT 9. t = -3 ± 3\/2 12. a = -5,-25 Lesson 48 1. a = -2±VT0 4. y=^|^ 7.

Fundamentals of Math Part 2 Algebra 1

Fundamentals of Math Part 2 Algebra 1

In this second edition, The book has corrected any mistakes, and tried to simplify the discussion about the various topics.

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